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How to Wash Natural Hair

Your wash day routine is the cornerstone of healthy natural hair. Until your wash day routine is solidified, you’ll suffer with dryness and breakage.

To be clear: moisture starts with wash day.

Having a solid wash day routine for natural hair is essential to promote a healthy moisture balance, ensure length retention, and minimize breakage and shedding.

Here you’ll find a plethora of information regarding the keys to a great wash day routine for natural hair, including the best wash day products (deep conditioner, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) for your hair type and porosity.

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Wash Day Routine for Natural Hair

Your wash day routine is the cornerstone of healthy, moisturized natural hair. Without a staple wash day routine for natural hair, you’ll experience dryness, breakage, shedding and a compromised scalp. Moisture starts with your wash day, so here is the ultimate wash day routine for natural hair for moisturized hair that lasts all week!

Here Are The Top Conditioners For Dry Natural Hair

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Conditioners are the unsung heroes of wash day.

Simply put, the best conditioner for dry natural hair is one that is rich and slippery, makes your hair incredibly pliable and lubricated, and reduces friction in your strands.

Here are the best conditioners for natural hair!

The Best Shampoos for Healthy, Clean Natural Hair

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Shampoo is a non-negotiable in any solid natural hair routine. Clean hair is the only clear path to healthy curls and coils – in other words, dirty hair is not healthy hair! Opting to forgo shampoo will result in negative adverse scalp and hair issues such as constant dryness, chronic buildup and scalp inflammation, which can lead to hair loss.

A well-formulated shampoo will not dry out your hair. Here are the best shampoos for natural hair!

Here’s Why You Need A Hooded Hair Dryer for More Moisturized Coils

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Having a hooded dryer for natural hair at home may seem a little extra, but the benefits of investing in a hooded hair dryer cannot be overstated. Not only does it make your wash day experience more of a self-care experience (and less of a chore), but it will do wonders for the look, feel and overall hydration levels of your natural hair. Here’s how!

Here’s How To Do The 3 Step Method for Natural Hair

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The 3 step method for natural hair, coined by the natural hair community but referred to as simple hair care by natural hair professionals, offer naturals an opportunity to simplify our routines. This alternative method emphasizes hydration, having clean hair and using only a few products for definition, shine and conditioned hair. Here’s everything you need to know about the 3 step method for natural hair!

4 Ways to Shorten Wash Day and Reclaim Your Time

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We all know that wash day can feel like a chore. Every natural dreads their upcoming wash day – a typical wash day and can easily take up a whole Sunday afternoon if we’re not careful. However there are certain tips and techniques you can employ during your wash day that will save you both time and money. Here’s how to shorten wash day without sacrificing the integrity of your hairstyle!

Here’s How To Do A Pre Poo on Natural Hair

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Shampoo is a must-have in any natural hair routine. It keeps our natural hair and scalp clean, allowing for moisture penetration and keeping scalp issues away. Unfortunately, the surfactants and detergents in the formulas can be quite stripping, given natural hair is inherently dry.

Enter the pre poo 🙂

The act of doing a pre poo for natural hair can significant increase your moisture retention potential during the wash day process, especially for dry, damaged, bleached or sun-damaged coils. Here’s how to do a pre poo hair treatment, without breaking the bank!

How To Use Olaplex on Natural Hair

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Olaplex has been made quite a splash in the natural hair community over the past couple of years. A salon-grade brand, Olaplex’s mandate is to repair, protect and strengthen all hair types for visibly noticeable results. Many naturals wonder, as the brand is not targeted directly to coily hair, if using Olaplex for curly hair is worth the hype. Here’s everything you need to know about using Olaplex for curly hair.

The Real Tea On Using Clay Masks for Natural Hair

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Using clay masks for natural hair, although quite popular in the natural hair community, is a relatively new concept in the modern beauty world. Many naturals swear by clays for detoxifying, detangling and defining their coils, but, just like all things in life, there is a right and wrong way to use clay masks. Here’s the ultimate guide to using clay masks for hair, including which clay is best for your hair type and porosity!

How To Do Hot Oil Treatments on Natural Hair

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Hot oil treatments for natural hair are completely underrated in the natural hair world, yet are often a source of deep confusion. Are they considered deep conditioners? Can they replace a deep conditioner? Should I do a hot oil treatment on clean or dirty hair? Which oils should I use? 

Let’s get into the basics of hot oil treatments on natural hair, and how you can use them for your natural hair journey!

The Best Shampoo for Low Porosity Hair

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Shampoo is a must have product for low porosity naturals. Because of how flat and tight low porosity cuticles are, rapid product buildup occurs readily on the surface of the hair, resulting in dry, breaking hair. Here are the best shampoo for low porosity hair!

Deep Condition Natural Hair

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Our curls are incredibly susceptible to heat. When we overprocess our hair, the protein bonds that hold are curls together slowly disintegrate, causing limp, lifeless heat damaged hair. Here’s how to reverse your heat damage and bring your curls back to life.

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