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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Make your summer 2018 the best ever, with the ultimate summer bucket list.

Unlike its colder counterpart (the icy death that is winter), summertime brings excitement and joy at the thought of being outside, mainly because of the longer days and shorter nights. The days of hibernating from the cold are finally over!

When I think of summer, I think of wanderlust, vacations, adventure and the possibility of romance. You can go outside without a million layers of clothing on. The sun is shining bright.

And c’mon, summer nights are everything.

I constantly berate myself every winter for not taking full advantage of the warmer weather when I had it. This year, I intend to get out more and take in the sun before winter comes rolling around again.

On that note, this is the perfect time to make a summer bucket list of things you want to do this year. The tasks on your summer bucket list can be extravagant, like a backpacking trip through Asia, or it can be as simple as having a summer BBQ.

Don’t let Summer ’18 consist of mostly pizza and Netflix binge-watching sessions (well, mine still will, but not every day). Summer is the perfect time to de-stress, unwind and enjoy the sunshine.

Here are some ideas for your summer bucket list!

  • Cottage

What better way to start off a summer bucket list than hitting up the cottage. Spending time at the cottage is great because it forces you to take a step out of your busy life and enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t own a cottage, rent one out on AirBnB with you and your friends. Remember to put on sunscreen!

  • Spa day

You deserve to pamper yourself, no matter the season. Treat yourself to a full body massage and bath, or even just a facial. Your skin will thank you by glowing with the sun all summer.

  • Book club

Reading is fun all year long. Join a book club to keep on track on your summer reading list.

  • Travel

Jet life! Go on a mini-road trip with the girls, or hop a flight to the big city for a weekend getaway.

  • Beach

Don’t let that two-piece swimsuit rot in your closet this summer. Hit the beach to soak up the sun and feel the sand in between your toes.

  • Summer BBQ

Time to fire up the grill! Make some e-posters and invite your besties over for a barbeque. Perfect time for some Instagram shots!

  • Music festival

Okay, you did not have a real summer unless you attended a music festival. It’s a great way to enjoy the weather, hang with friends, and see a bunch of your favourite artists on a budget. Put on a cute, comfy and non-appropriating outfit and prepare to dance your butt off!

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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