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Styling Your Naturally Curly Hair

Regardless of your hair type, it’s safe to say that natural hair is incredibly versatile. There are many natural hairstyles that we can rock – wash and go’s, twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots, jumbo braids, the list goes on!

Natural hair takes time and dedication, a luxury that many of us don’t have. Many naturals are simply looking for natural hairstyles that are easy, effective and stylish.

Some naturals are looking for more work appropriate hairstyles that give a more put-together look (natural hair IS professional, by the way).

And some naturals want to experiment with their hair and try new, innovative styles.

Regardless of your intent, we’ve compiled a list of resources for you to learn how to style your natural hair, including tips and tricks to ensure your hair stays healthy on your styling journey.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Doing A Silk Press At Home

an image of a flat iron to do a silk press for natural hair

Silk press SZN is among us! Achieving a sleek, smooth and shiny silk press on natural hair is more than just having a flat iron: you need proper products and technique in order to keep your hair healthy and heat damage at bay. Here’s what you need to know!

Here’s How To Master The Twist Out, Once And For All 

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Twist outs are amazing low manipulative styles that not only protective, but is super cute and stylish. 

For those struggling with doing a twist out on natural hair, there is a method to achieving a juicy-looking, long-lasting, and voluminous twist out (without sacrificing on definition).

All we need is a bit more intentionality when doing our twist-outs. Here’s how to get a bomb twist out on natural hair, every single time!

How To Do A Wash And Go On Type 4 Natural Hair

an image of a black woman with a wash and go on Type 4 hair

Fact: achieving a bomb wash and go on Type 4 hair is not as difficult as we’ve been led to believe.

Leaving Afrotextured Type 4 hair out of the wash and go discourse has done a great disservice to the natural hair community. The process of achieving a wash and go for type 4 hair may look different than Type 2 or 3 curls, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Here’s how to get the ultimate wash and go for Type 4 hair

The Banding Method for Natural Hair

an image of a hair tie near some books_banding method for natural hair

Banding natural hair at night is incredibly beneficial to your coils. Not only does it elongate your coils (elimining shrinkage), but it also reduces the likelihood of single-strand knots and split ends, the nemeis to natural hair growth. Here’s how to band your natural hair overnight!

Wash & Go for Natural Hair

Black Natural Curly Hair Woman Sunset Background

Wash and go’s are a staple style in the natural hair community. However, achieving the perfect wash and go is a science and takes detailed steps to achieve. Here’s how to get a bomb, juicy defined wash and go, every single time!

How to Trim Natural Hair

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Learning how to trim your natural hair is a required skill for any seasoned natural. If you don’t keep up with regular trims, you may experience breakage, single strand knots and split ends that start at the ends and split their way up. Here’s how to trim your natural hair, including how to identify when exactly you need a trim!

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