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Routines for Natural Hair

The world of natural hair is filled with terms, definitions and processes that can be a little confusing – porosity, curl type, deep conditioner, protein levels, transitioning, the list goes on!

But once you’re able to put it all together, it’s time to create yourself a natural hair routine. Our definition of a natural hair routine is “the cumulation of natural hair processes and steps into a seamless, dynamic routine that changes with environmental conditions”.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and experience seasonality, your natural hair routine should change throughout the seasons. Your spring natural hair routine will differ from your fall natural hair routine.

Similar to skincare, your natural hair routine will differ at night than it does during the day.

Here you’ll find a wealth of information to help you solidify your natural hair routines, whether it’s for season changes, back to school, quarantine, amongst others!

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Taking Care of Natural Hair during COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has had tremendous reach across the globe, shutting down businesses and forcing people to self-quarantine at home. Taking care of your natural hair may be at the bottom of your priorities, but for those fortunate enough, it can be a unique opportunity for self-care amidst the chaos. Here’s how to take care of your natural hair during the pandemic for optimal self-love.

5 Winter Natural Hair Tips for Moisturized Coils This Winter

an image of winter curly hair products that are Olaplex and TGIN

Winter, with its dry, cold air temperature, can rob your curls and coils from moisture if your natural hair is improperly set and styled.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go out and buy a whole bunch of new natural hair products for the winter season (unless, of course, you want to)!

To truly keep your hair moisturized this winter, it’s much more important to refine your routine, rather than spend $$ on extra products you don’t even need.

Here are the best natural hair tips for winter to keep your natural hair happy and hydrated this winter season.

The Curly Girl Method Doesn’t Work – Here’s What You Should Do Instead

an image of a girl with curly hair showing the curly girl method

The curly girl method is not a scientifically accurate approach to caring for curly and coily hair. In fact, there are many curly girl method ruined my hair testimonies and videos from influencers and bloggers across social media who are now dealing with adverse negative issues such as hair loss, scalp inflammation and loss of curl definition.

Instead of this method, you should focus on creating a personalized, simple, scientifically-sound hair routine. Here’s what you need to know about the curly girl method.

10 Effective Winter Natural Hair Tips for Guaranteed Moisture

an image of a black girl with blonde curly hair wearing a jacket showing winter natural hair routine

Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere means cold, dry air that can suck the life out of curls and coils. If we don’t winter-ify our natural hair routines, we may be exposed to accelerated breakage, shedding, single-strand knots and scalp issues. Here’s what you need to include in your winter natural hair routine for moisture and hydration all season long!

10 Important Natural Hair Rules You Should Follow as a Natural

an image of a black woman smiling against a green background

Natural hair may be beautiful and expressive, but it’s also a science with rules you must follow in order to be successful on your journey. If you’re looking to grow your hair, up your moisture and just have healthy hair in general, here are 10 natural hair rules you must follow as a natural.

Natural Hair Myths to Leave Behind in 2021

a cartoon image of natural hair women against a patterned background

Many of the natural hair myths we’ve been taught contain anti-black rhetoric, propelled in the media and supported by society. Dispelling these myths are the first order of business before truly accepting your natural hair for what it is – beautiful and ethereal. Here are 8 natural hair myths you must ignore!

Your New Healthy Fall Natural Hair Routine 

an image of cartoon autumn leaves with Camille rose curl love moisture milk in the centre

Fall is upon on, and with that is a whole new set of guidelines for your natural hair routine. Fall means chunky sweaters, thick scarves and declining air temperatures, meaning disaster for your coils if your routine isn’t moisture-proof. Here is your new fall natural hair routine for healthy coils this autumn!

 Your New Spring Natural Hair Routine for Moisturized Coils

a close up image of cherry blossoms

Spring means blooming flowers, shedding of winter layers and rising air temperatures. Although our coils tend to thrive the best in warmer weather, having a spring-ified natural hair routine will prep your hair for the summer heat. Here’s your new spring natural hair routine!

The Top 10 Natural Hair Products for Summer 

an image of a curly haired girl laughing with sunglasses in a courtyard

Ah, summer, everyone’s favourite season. Summertime comes with a unique set of challenges for natural hair – humid temperatures and the burning hot sun can be detrimental to your natural hair, if your routine isn’t properly set up for the heat. Here’s your new summer natural hair routine!

5 Easy and Effective Natural Hair Tips for Back to School

September is here, which means a brand new school year for students. Your natural hair may be at the bottom of your list with the rising school year, but taking care of your coils can be an effective self-care routine amidst the stress of school. Here’s how to finesse your natural hair routine – school edition!

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