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These Are The Must Have Tools For Natural Hair

I’m not a product junkie, but sis, my wallet is struggling to keep up with my hair needs.

Think about it – we’re deep conditioning weekly, washing our hair weekly (using shampoo, conditioner, a cleaning conditioner, ACV or a combination of these), sealing with leave-ins and oils, massaging our scalp; the list goes on. That’s a lot of product we’re using up!

Regardless, we need to make sure every drop of product is doing its job. But I often hear naturals complain about their products either making their hair worse by just sitting on top of their hair (causing dryness), or doesn’t work in general.

After seven years of being natural and experiencing the exact same thing, I finally know why that is.

The secret: it’s about the tools, not the products.

These must have tools for natural hair are essential in any natural hair routine – some of them actually work to help your hair absorb the products better. I’m here for that!

Without these tools, not only are you not getting the full benefits of your expensive products, you won’t reach your hair’s full potential as effectively.

The best part? These tools are AFFORDABLE af (roughly around $5-10), and won’t run out, unlike your products. They can be used week after week in tandem with your products to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Ready to find out what must have natural hair tools you need in arsenal to truly maximize your hair growth? Let’s get started.

An effective and efficient natural hair routine is more than just your products.

To truly get the most of your deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners and other products, you need these must-have natural hair tools to facilitate product absorption, encourage moisture retention and target sensitive-specific areas, like the scalp.

These tools, in my opinion, are a non-negotiable. If you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on your hair products, you should be willing to spend on these tools in your arsenal to make sure your hair products are doing their job.

Your natural hair products are expensive. Why let them go to waste?

Here are the six must have natural hair tools you need in your routine:

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For: Low Porosity Hair

Thermal Hot Head - For Deeper Conditioning

When you have low porosity hair, hair products won’t absorb into the hair. Any product you will apply onto your strands will simply sit on the top of your head.

This is especially true in the case of deep conditioners. Using a deep conditioner alone on low porosity hair is entirely useless WITHOUT a tool to facilitate penetration.

Cue in the hair steamers: a GAME changer in the natural hair community. In the presence of heat, cuticles will open and lift, allowing products to enter the hair. A must-have for natural hair.

Hair steamers are quite costly, but we have a much cheaper alternative: hot heads. These microwavable caps have natural heat-absorbents lined in the stitching (usually flaxseeds), which provides the heat your natural hair needs.

The bonus? They're a fraction of the price of hair steamers, AND you can walk around. Bonus!

For: All naturals

Spray Bottle - A Natural Hair MUST HAVE!

The hair steamer may be our most recommended tool, but a spray bottle is an absolute MUST for naturals. This is the GOAT of must have tools for natural hair.

Water is imperative to moisturize natural hair, right? Right. When your hair feels dry, it's not craving more products, it's craving water. She's thirsty!

Rather than getting any old bottle for your hair, get yourself a spray bottle where the water is ejected as a mist rather than a stream. 

Your coily hair will be able to absorb water as a mist because the particles are smaller.

The best part? It's affordable AF. 

This is a staple product in your natural hair routine. Trust me, your hair will thank you!!

For: All naturals

Applicator Bottle:  The Best Tool to Boost Natural Hair Growth 

Ah, the applicator bottle. The purposes for these are endless, but the most effective way to use an applicator bottle in your natural hair routine is to apply oil to your scalp.

Scalp health is critical to promoting healthy hair - the birthplace of new growth. If your ends are your elders, your scalp is your baby!

Using a specific combo of carrier + essential oils on your scalp (our favorite, most affordable suggestions are here) encourages blood flow (bringing oxygen to your follicles), which prolongs your hair's growth phase.

The result? Thicker, longer natural hair, in just 4 weeks. Crazy!

Simply adding oils into the palms of your hand and rubbing it into your scalp is not enough. In fact, your fingers will start to absorb some of the oils!

An applicator bottle is truly the most precise way to apply scalp oils to your scalp. 

For: Wash n go styles

Diffuser: For Bouncy, Defined Curls

Blow dryers are pretty standard in any hair arsenal so we assume you have one in your cabinets.

For styling, a diffuser is an effective way to dry natural hair after styling, while retaining curl definition, ESPECIALLY if you are a wash and go kind of natural. Heat damage is low using this type of heat, but be sure to use the cool setting to lock in the moisture.

Best Suited For: Type 4

Wide Tooth Comb - The Ultimate Detangler

This is another staple that should already be in your arsenal.

Detangling is a difficult experience for many naturals. It can take hours for some naturals to properly detangle their hair from tips to root.

If you rush it, you're subjecting your hair to mechanical damage, which results in unnecessary breakage and shedding.

Cue in the wide-tooth comb. 

This comb is imperative for natural hair. The distance between the teeth allow for seamless movement when you run the comb down your hair. The fact that the comb has wide teeth will gently detangle without snagging on your ends, minimizing the mechanical damage.

If your hair is susceptible to intense tangles, first spray your hair down with water (again, you need a spray bottle in your life) and apply a generous amount of conditioner. Finger detangle first to get out all the big knots and follow it up with the wide-tooth comb to ensure all knots are out (and start from the bottom!).

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your natural hair tools are just as important, if not more, than your hair products.

These must have tools for natural hair are essential for your natural hair routine. Without a hair steamer and blow dryer, your deep conditioner (and other products if applicable) will just sit atop your hair.

Not only that, the type of combs in your routine play different roles in your routine. After finger detangling (to get out all the tough tangles out), a wide tooth comb will line up all your curls without damaging your ends.

And lastly, you can’t forget about your scalp, sis! Why forego the one place where your hair grows out from? Make sure you have an applicator bottle on deck to massage in your favourite oils.

Did we miss anything? What are your favourite must have natural hair tools?