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Best Leave In Conditioners for Dry Natural Hair

Sometimes, you just need to recognize when your products aren’t cutting it. 

Choosing the best leave-in conditioners for natural hair is not an easy task. Not only are there a million different options, all of them are target the same thing!

Below you'll find the best leave-in conditioners for dry natural hair. But before we list them, we're going to tell you why these leave-in conditioners are so great so you can be empowered in the long-term. 

Let's get into it.

the best leave-in conditioners for dry natural hair

Why Do I Need a Leave-in Conditioner?

In any solid natural hair routine, your leave-in and deep conditioners must be compatible with your hair. If you don’t, your curls will look unhealthy, matted, tangled, limp, and dry with the quickness.

Leave-ins are especially important, given they are the last step in the curly method. They are designed to keep moisture locked in after cleansing, while ensuring your curls are defined, shiny and bouncy.

You can tell when your leave in isn’t working when:

  • Your hair looks lifeless after application,
  • Your ends are breaking [quick tip: look down in your sink after applying your products and identify any small, broken pieces of hair to know if you are experiencing breakage] and/or,
  • Your hair does not stay moisturized for more than a couple hours.

How Do I Know Which Leave-in Conditioner To Choose?

There are a ton of options on the market, which makes it that more difficult to choose the best natural hair products for you.

But knowing which product to pick up (and which to leave on the shelf) is all about knowing your own hair.

Knowing your hair type (Type 1-4), density (thick vs thin head of hair), width (fine vs coarse individual strands) is essential to knowing which products will work for you.

In general, looser curl types (Type 2-3b), those with thinner hair and/or finer strands should opt for light-weight products and oils. Those with Type 3c natural hair and up can tolerate heavier butters.

Next, you must have a strong sense of your natural hair porosity.

Natural hair Porosity 101

Natural hair porosity is the ability of your hair to absorb water and/products. 

Low porosity natural hair has a low absorption rate, because the cuticles are stubbornly closed. It is difficult for this hair porosity to absorb moisture.

High porosity natural hair has a high absorption rate because the cuticles are always open, but the water leaves just as quickly as it enters. It is difficult for this hair porosity to retain moisture.

Depending on your hair porosity, you'll have specific product needs to look out for. Be sure to read up on what these are in the links above!

Now, let's get into some products.

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Our Fav Leave-in Conditioners for Natural Hair in 2020

Best Suited For: Type 3c, Type 4
tgin butter cream daily moisturizer

Our favourite deep conditioner for parched natural hair, especially for Type 3c and up. Great for all porosity types, but high porosity will especially love this one due to the protein.

Best Suited For: Type 3c, Type 4

Great for protein-deprived high porosity naturals, this leave-in is moisture in a jar. The JBCO is an excellent ingredient for sealing in moisture, and will provide the protein your hair is desperately craving!

Best Suited For: Type 2-3b

A light-weight, bouncy formula which is great to define and clump wavy curls. Tighter textures may find this product too light-weight to hold a coil.

Best Suited For: Type 4

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk

This buttery, soft leave-in contains incredibly moisturizing ingredients such as avocado oil, rice oil and aloe vera (aka the moisture G.O.A.T.)! Plays well with creams and gels for defined twist-outs and good for all porosity types.

Best Suited For: Type 2-3a

A cult classic, this light-weight milk is both hydrating and strengthening for wavy and loose curls. Great for high porosity naturals, but not so great for Type 3c and up. 

Best Suited For: Type 4

Type 4 natural's will love this product, as its incredibly rich yet light formula will give your curls the bounce and hydration it needs. Great for high porosity. Follow up with a gel or thick cream to keep the moisture locked in.

Best Suited For: Type 3

The formula of this product for Type 3 naturals. The ingredient list is natural enough to reduce product buildup but formidable enough to do its job: hydrate and protect.

The Bottom Line

Leave-in conditioners for natural hair are 100% essential for any effective natural hair routine. But hopefully the above leave-in conditioners will be a great place to start 🙂

What are your favourite leave-in conditioners? Share them down below!