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Curly Hair Growth in Six Months Or Less

All hair is beautiful. But there’s something magical about curly hair – whether yours are bouncy ringlets or tight, defined coils, the beautiful thing about curly hair is that not all curls are the same. And most often, that goes for the curls on our own head!

Achieving healthy curly hair is no easy feat, and even as five year natural, I find myself slipping into old habits. Like forgetting to use oils to seal in my moisture after a wash and go. Or stretching my two week old twist out just for one more week when it’s already drier than the Sahara. Not cute.

But when my hair is healthy, it shows. I like to keep my hair in a fro, so I trim it often, but I can tell my hair is at its healthiest when it thickens and grows, fast. I’m talking from this to this:

In the picture above, my hair looks substantially longer on the right than on the left. It also looks thicker, has more body and volume, and is overall much healthier.

And it only took me about five months to do it.

I spent a lot of time perfecting my growth and thickening routine (although I’m less concerned with length as I am with overall health and thickness). These tips are solid, simple and have proven to work for me and those I’ve shared it with. If you follow these steps thoroughly and consistently, you will see a dramatic shift in the way your curls look and feel.

Hair growth for black women is not only achievable, but it can be easy, effortless and quick with the below tips.

Here are my steps for thick, fast growing curly hair:

Take the vitamins your body is missing

Recently there was a craze where everyone was taking biotin. Unless you are deficient in biotin, your body will just excrete it out. You need to find the nutrients that your body is missing so you can supplement it with vitamins.

For example, I am severely anemic, meaning I am heavily deficient in iron. So when I’m not eating right and not taking any iron-rich vitamins, my hair looks like TRASH, sis.

I’m talking dull, no body, barely curling, and breaking like glass.

Notice the lack of volume and definition, and how my naturally dark hair has become a dull, mousy brown colour. My ends were breaking ALL THE TIME and I had no idea why. My day one wash and go’s, such as the one above, were undefined and limp, and lost moisture immediately after putting on my products.

I was taking a lot of biotin at the time, not realizing that iron was what I needed to take to satisfy my nutritional palette.

It took me getting a blood test to realize just how iron deficient I was. I started taking iron pills in addition to the biotin, and cut off the ends that were unsalvageable. Totally transformed my hair in about 8 weeks!

Scalp massages

Scalp massages encourage blood flow to your follicles, stimulating hair growth. It can also be an efficient way to loosen buildup dirt on your scalp.

The best way to do scalp massages is to use an oil. Not oils are made the same, and some work better for certain hair textures than others. To learn what oils would work best for your hair, see here.

Heavier products (butters and oils) on your ends

It is more efficient to think about hair retention if you are trying to grow your hair. Hair is always growing from your head. If it wasn’t, you’d be bald! The problem is that you are not retaining length. Your ends are breaking at a rate that competes with your hair growth, which is why you’re not seeing progress.

One way to encourage hair retention is putting heavier oils or creams on your ends. Your ends are most likely breaking because of dryness. If you are seal your ends with the correct moisturizer, you will keep the length you already have. If your hair doesn’t agree with heavy products, ensure that you are sealing your ends thoroughly.

Protective style!

If you take care of your hair and do all the steps in taking care of curly hair, i.e.: you deep condition, you seal in the moisture, you sleep with a satin pillowcase, and you still don’t see results? Protective styling is your answer.

If you give your hair a break and put it away in either a bun, weave, wig, or other protective style, you are allowing your hair to uninterruptedly soak in the products you’ve applied. I typically do this in the winter months, when it’s cold outside and I don’t want to go outside with wet hair. That way, my hair is at its healthiest for summer. 🙂

When I follow these three simple steps, in addition to my normal curly hair routine, my hair feels soft, strong, and moisturized. I notice an increase in volume and my hair starts to grow like a tree.

What are your secrets to healthy hair?

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  1. What great tips!!! I’m doing all those things but the oils I have low porosity hair I do need to protect it with another style though soon ♥️♥️♥️

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