Hair Type/Texture

Your natural hair type/texture may be the one of the most distinguishable and obvious characteristics of your hair. Marked from Type 2-4, this classification system helps us classify our hair to determine natural hair best practices.

Below you'll find articles on how to manage your natural hair based on this classification system. 

Ayana Aden

A short time ago, we wrote about how to grow Type 4 natural hair. And now, we’re taking it one step further – how to grow 4c natural hair. There are a lot of misconceptions around learning how to grow 4c natural hair. Some people think it’s tough, rough, tangled, hard to manage, and most damning

Ayana Aden

Type 4 hair is the epitome of black beauty. It’s thick texture and tight curl pattern represents the very best qualities black culture and history – resiliency, strength, and power. It represents the very essence of what it means to be black. If you have Type 4 hair, there’s a very nasty stigma that you’ve had to

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