Hair Loss and Hair Shedding

There are many reasons why your natural hair may be shedding. Medication, scalp and internal inflammation, poor diet and traumatic hair care practices can play a part in triggering your hair loss.

But we believe in epigenetics: that your environment plays a larger portion on hair loss than genetics. And just as quick as you lost the hair, there are ways (both medicially and holistically) you can grow it back.

Based on the latest science (remember: we're not doctors), here's how you can deal with hair loss, hair shedding, alopecia, and growing back the lost hair.

Ayana Aden

Looking for a way to reduce hair shedding? Are you suffering from post-partum or medicine-inducted shedding and looking for a holistic way to re-grow your hair back? A green tea rinse for hair may be just the thing you’ve been looking for. Not only is it super affordable, it’s incredibly easy with a whole lot of

Ayana Aden

Ever parted your hair to find a bald spot? Or have you noticed that your part is slowly widening over time? You may be thinking you have alopecia which, contrary to popular belief, is more common than you think! Hair loss in general is a painful realization to come to, especially as a black woman. Our hair

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