Natural Hair Dryness

Suffering from dry natural hair? Join the club!

Dry natural hair is unavoidable at some point in your natural hair routine. To be clear: dryness is an inherent feature of natural hair because of the curls in our strands. The tighter the curl pattern, the drier the hair.

But all is not lost: natural hair can be easily moisturized with the right tips and tricks. Here's how to combat natural hair dryness!

Ayana Aden

Every natural’s favourite question (aside from how to grow long natural hair) is how to moisturize natural hair. Every natural experiences dryness, regardless of hair type and density. And nothing robs natural hair of its inherent beauty and etherealness than moisture loss. When natural hair is dry, it causes deeper damage than you can imagine. Dryness can

Ayana Aden

Dry hair is unfortunate for all hair types. But dry natural hair looks significantly worse on curls. Not only does dry natural hair look and feel noticeably unhealthy, it can lead to breakage, increased shedding, limpness, and even a change in curl pattern if not properly addressed.Factors such as health can impact why you have dry

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