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Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment – Review

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Before I tell you how the Aphogee’s protein line is a game-changer protein treatment for damaged hair, let’s talk a little bit about protein and why you NEED IT on your natural hair journey.


Protein is critical for natural hair because, quite simply, our hair is made up of protein. The intricacies of our disulfide bonds (otherwise known as amino acids or keratin) keep our curls bouncy and kinks defined. 

Without it, our coils won't coil and we'll be left with limp, lifeless curls. Ain't nobody got time for that!

So while you continue to deep condition, moisturize and protective style, you should also have yourself a steady protein treatment such as this one.

Ready to jump into how to incorporate protein treatments such as this one into your life? Let's get into it!

aphogee two step protein treatment

How Do I Know I Need A Protein Treatment?

Just like all treatments, we need to learn the delicate art of moderation. 

Our hair craves moisture just as much as it craves protein, but the moisture/protein balance in your hair is sensitive. Knowing how to listen to your hair is critical to ensure you're giving it exactly what it needs.

But to figure out if you need protein or moisture, which one of these two scenarios sound more like your hair:

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

 Your hair is extremely dry to the touch, even with product on it

Your hair feels gummy (like seaweed) after a shower

Lack of curl definition and a lot of frizz

Your hair breaks very easily (and you see curl pieces in the sink)

When you pull/stretch your hair, it bounces back (i.e. doesn't stay stretched)

When you pull/stretch your hair, it doesn't bounce back (i.e. it stays stretched)

You suffer from extreme tangles and breakage 

You have heat damage/chemical damage (i.e. relaxer, colour damage)

Products/water droplets sit on top of your hair rather than absorbing 

You have high porosity natural hair

If you fall under Scenario 2, you most likely are in desperate need of a protein treatment, sis! Your protein to moisture ratio is low and you should consider using a protein treatment.

Enter Aphogee.

There are lots of protein treatments in the market. Some include the ORS Hair Mayonnaise and Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Treatment Masque.

These are light protein treatments that you should use if you answered 2/5 of the questions above in Scenario 2.

But if you said "yes" to 3/5 of the questions in Scenario 2, you need a one-time, strong protein treatment to address thee concerns.

And in our opinion, Aphogee has the best formulation of protein on the market today.

What Types of Protein Treatments Do Aphogee Offer?

There are two protein treatments for you to use: a lighter option and a deeper protein treatment.

Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor

protein treatment for natural hair_aphogee keratin 2 minute reconstructor

This protein treatment is AMAZING for a protein up-keep. This can be used every 3 weeks and its also quite moisturizing, meaning you don't need to deep condition after! Your hair will be defined and bouncy immediately after washing it out.

If your suffering from intense heat damage or chemical damage (i.e. your hair doesn't curl anymore), you may need a stronger protein treatment.

a photo of aphogee two step protein treatment

Now, this protein treatment is an INTENSE one. The formula is meant to provide a deep protein surge at once, so if your curls are intact and you aren't suffering from chemical or heat damage, the above version will be best for you.

If you're curls are non-existent from damage, this will be a great treatment for you. Below we've outlined how to use it.

This is how to use the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment to bring back your curls:

Wash Routine:

Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment:

  • Put the Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment into a spray bottle to make it easier to apply
  • Section your hair and spray the product into each section very carefully, focusing on your ends and where the damage lies
  • Let your air dry for 30 minutes, until the mixture had hardened on my head. DO NOT DETANGLE.
  • Go into the shower and, without touching my hair at all, let the water run down my hair. DO NOT DETANGLE.
  • Once the hair isn't hard anymore, massage the hair slowly to make sure all the product is out.

Deep Condition:

  • Your hair will feel very dry after washing out the protein. That’s normal. Because this is such an intensive protein treatment, you need to follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner IMMEDIATELY.
  • Deep condition with one of your favourite, hydrating deep conditioners for at least 30 minutes.
  • Protective style to retain the moisture.

And that’s it! Super easy. A must-have if you have damaged curls.

Remember: this protein treatment is intensive. So if you have extreme damage and your hair is lacking significant protein loss, use this every 6-8 weeks, following it up with a deep conditioning treatment.

The Bottom Line

All natural hair needs protein, but the level and intensity of the protein treatment depends on the current health of your hair.

If your hair is significantly protein deficient (and answered 3/5 out of scenario questions), this protein treatment is for you! Your curls will thank you.

Have you used this treatment before? Comment down below!

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